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This is the web page version of Volume 1 Issue 24 of "Inner Whispers", the free spiritual newsletter written by non-phsical teaching entities via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.
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NOTE:  If you haven't seen the introductions to VERONICA and to April Crawford, VERONICA is one of the highly evolved nonphysical entities that speak and write via April Crawford while April is in deep trance.
April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel.  For more information about April Crawford and VERONICA,  visit April's site at:  www.AprilCrawford.com
You can see videos of VERONICA speaking by clicking on the "See The Video" navigation button on the left side of this page.
"Inner Whispers"
Open Deep Trance Channel
April Crawford

 A Message From VERONICA

    "We have spoken to many who simply cannot recall what their purpose was for entering into their current life.  They feel a sense of floundering that leaves them wondering why they incarnated at all... the goals attached to this seemingly long abandoned by what they perceive as themselves... dramas of their life often clouding any eternal sense of self while the ticking of time pulsates in their heads.
     Some see no real conclusion to what they perceive as a useless and often painful existence... this due to the life path that is out of line with what their eternal self had planned in the beginning.
     We counsel a slowing of the fast paced linear reality that most of you find yourselves in.  A lack of focus upon the clock is the first step to understanding the larger portion of yourself that does not perceive time.
     Physical existence is not a race to the finish.  It is a participation in a reality that was meant to enlighten and fulfill your higher entity that wishes to evolve.
     Slow down.
     Take yourself when you are able to a quiet place.  Your thoughts cannot create your reality with all the chaos.
     Slow down.
     Take a moment to ponder yourself without time increments and deadlines.
     In this place of quiet the whispers of your soul will have opportunity to speak.
     This is the first of many steps that we will speak of on your way to rediscovering yourself.
     Slow down."


    I have been having some problems with  people and family around me.  Half of my family is becoming Christian (not that I have a problem with that).  But they know I'm a person who believes in spirits and ghosts, aura all the things you have said in you newsletters.
Yet, they say my beliefs are lies.
I'm put to allot fo pressure when they ask me about my faith in God whom, I do know is here with me always, I've shunted myself from them when we speak of life or death.  I'm no longer afraid of either yet with my family, I can't even say anything like about my spirit guides (got 2) experiences because they will go ahead and say what I study is the devil.
 Although I don't believe them, I feel much alive, and in the path in finding me when I'm like this.  How can I live and have my respect of what I am when they will use their religious words against me, like saying that witches were the devil, I believe NOT!
And I feel they are gonna blame the devil for me having such
thoughts, that's like saying I'm controlled and not being myself, things are all in a swirl.
My friends are Catholic.  I feel they see me as lost, am I really lost? i Don't think I am. What should I do? Because of all I learned I've helped so many people, am I the one who needs help?  What do you think?
Lately we have been into pure fights, to avoid it is say nothing. Thank you for your time.  
Dear Miriam,
     You are not lost.  The belief in cultural religions is often a basic need of those who fear their spiritual internal energy.
     Putting the god energy outside the self is necessary for those who feel unworthy.  Beliefs are personal.  It's futile to argue about it.  Simply live your life and let them live theirs.
     In the end the truth will be revealed to them, but the messenger will not be you.





Quote For Today
 "You get some of your best lessons from rough roads..."
From: VERONICA in Reflections of a Spiritual Astronaut Book III








April Crawford is now offering half hour telephone consultations with VERONICA (usually there is an hour minimum).
To schedule a reading with  VERONICA or to ask any general questions about readings, please contact April Crawford's facilitator, Allen, at AprilReadings@aol.com


Note: You may send your emails to VERONICA for possible use in the Dear VERONICA column by placing the words "Dear VERONICA" in the subject line and sending them to AprilMediumship@aol.com.
VERONICA will generally only answer emails that are published, however, I may respond to some directly from time to time.
      -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford.   

"Inner Whispers"
Vol. 1 Issue 24
Copyright April Crawford
"Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.
"Inner Whispers" is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.
All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft.  There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence. 
Nothing in "Inner Whispers" is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice.  Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so.  You are a physical being and nonphysical beings such as the ones that write for "Inner Whispers" are generally not even recognized as real by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are rarely if ever issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice of any sort.


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All material on this website and the website design is copyrighted by April Crawford.  "Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.  For permission to use select quotes, contact Allen at AprilMediumship@aol.com and put "Permission" in the subject line.