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This is the web page version of Volume 1 Issue 33 of "Inner Whispers", the free spiritual newsletter written by non-phsical teaching entities via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.
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NOTE:  If you haven't seen the introductions to VERONICA and to April Crawford, VERONICA is one of the highly evolved nonphysical entities that speak and write via April Crawford while April is in deep trance.
April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel.  For more information about April Crawford and VERONICA,  visit April's site at:  www.AprilCrawford.com
You can see videos of VERONICA speaking by clicking on the "See The Video" navigation button on the left side of this page.
"Inner Whispers"
Open Deep Trance Channel
April Crawford

 A Message From VERONICA

Time for The Soul
     "The briskness of living leaves one breathless in the pursuit of the true purpose for incarnating.  We are often questioned on the "why" of one's existence in a particular life process while the true desire of the soul appears to have been left behind or misplaced.
     There is great sorrow when one feels they have lost their way.  Whispers of the path sometimes echo in the mind but the chaos of daily living and survival suppress the opportunity for clarity.
     We have spoken to many of the frustrated individuals seeking "to right" the seemingly wrong turns of their life processes.  For the soul to blossom in a linear life there is need for focus and reflection without the interference of drama.
     We feel the tenseness in your energy as you read this.  The voice in your head immediately lists many reasons for the disconnect you feel from the world of the eternal.  Your work, relationship, children, family, etc. all have priority in the immediate moment for your attention.  There seems nothing left, and you are correct.
     The soul needs nurturing more than any other element in your life.  Everything else will eventually suffer without a solid connection to your soul and yourself.
     Yes, others have need of you but without your inner soul's energy they will be unfulfilled.
     You have to have it to give it in other words.  Time for the soul is the best path to fixing the misaligned life you feel dissatisfied with.
     So what does one do to reconnect with the soul?  Give it time & attention so that it may communicate with you as intended when you decided upon a physical life.
     Begin by taking some moments in your morning and before you retire to clear your mind of all the dramas of the day.
     Give yourself permission to be still and tell others that you are meeting with your soul.  Begin slowly & realistically.  Be comfortable in those moments but most of all seek yourself, you know the one.  The one you never have time for... your soul.
     Attempt the process.  You may be surprised at the results"

I was wondering if you would by any chance know about the meeting of my soulmate? I do know with my strong intuition that he will be coming into my life at any moment now, and it is exciting to me as I know that our divine love will be phenomenal. I also feel that he may well be my Twin Flame soulmate. Can you please send me a line ot two about our meeting? I would really appreciate it with all love.
Blessings, ~Crystal~
Dear Crystal,
     The meeting will happen when you are fully engaged in your Spiritual energy.  Live each day fully with joy.  This abundance of energy will attract exactly what you seek.
     A vortex approaches you.  Ready yourself.  Like attracts like always.  You are ready.  It most likely will occur when you least expect it.
     The details are of your own thoughts.  Daydream about it and see what occurs.  Your creation will be to your specifications, so be clear.
Quote For Today
"I was dead.  Yet I still was.  I had been mistaken... No matter what you think, there is more".
From: "Parting Notes": A Connection With The Afterlife

April Crawford is now offering personal half hour telephone consultations with VERONICA for first time clients (usually there is an hour minimum).
To schedule a reading with  VERONICA or to ask any general questions about readings, please contact April Crawford's facilitator, Allen, at AprilReadings@aol.com


Note: You may send your emails to VERONICA for possible use in the Dear VERONICA column by placing the words "Dear VERONICA" in the subject line and sending them to AprilMediumship@aol.com.
VERONICA will generally only answer emails that are published, however, I may respond to some directly from time to time.
      -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford.   

"Inner Whispers"
Vol. 1 Issue 33
Copyright April Crawford
"Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.
"Inner Whispers" is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.
All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft.  There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence. 
Nothing in "Inner Whispers" is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice.  Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so.  You are a physical being and nonphysical beings such as the ones that write for "Inner Whispers" are generally not even recognized as real by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are rarely if ever issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice of any sort.


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All material on this website and the website design is copyrighted by April Crawford.  "Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.  For permission to use select quotes, contact Allen at AprilMediumship@aol.com and put "Permission" in the subject line.