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This is the web page version of Volume 1 Issue 16 of "Inner Whispers", the free spiritual newsletter written by non-phsical teaching entities via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.
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NOTE:  If you haven't seen the introductions to VERONICA and to April Crawford, VERONICA is one of the highly evolved nonphysical entities that speak and write via April Crawford while April is in deep trance.
April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel.  For more information about April Crawford and VERONICA,  visit April's site at:  www.AprilCrawford.com
You can see videos of VERONICA speaking by clicking on the "See The Video" navigation button on the left side of this page.
"Inner Whispers"
Open Deep Trance Channel
April Crawford

 A Message From VERONICA
     "What is my purpose?
     Who am I?
     I forgot.
     I thought I knew once but so many events blurred exactly what it was.
     The confusion envelops you as the circular motion of blocked life force attempts to proceed on its course to a preconceived heaven.
     What is heaven anyway?
     ...An often asked question about the utopia of the soul as it succeeds in its perceived tasks necessary for its evolution.
     We venture to state that heaven is more of a state of soul accomplishment rather than a place of existence.  It is a notion in the mind's eyes of the physical that dangles like a carrot in front of you on your way to salvation.
     From a spirit perspective every moment of existence is a heavenly moment.  Each event, death, birth, choice and conclusion is a gift and reward.
     Your purpose universally is to evolve and be more than before.  The details range widely through all experiences.
     Individual purposes are revealed when you are ready to hear the truth.  The truth resonates within you whether you choose to accept it or not.  We have often relayed the personal truths of those who have asked, however, acceptance is not a natural given for most.
     So if you are driven to reconnect with your purpose be prepared to accept the potential of it being a surprise that will later resonate within you.
    Give it some thought.
     As you connect, revelation will be imminent.

What is the origin of ignorance in the human mind? why where we created simple and ignorant? as ignorance is very much a part of much of our human suffering it would be nice to know where that ignorance came from and the purpose of our ignorance and suffering.
Dear Bill,
     The ignorance you describe is merely the intense focus of the soul as it participates in a linear way.  Younger souls feel the need to fully engage in the physical often losing all eternal knowledge in the process.  The loss is not permanent however it often requires many experiences or lifetimes to align the soul knowledge with the physical engagement.
     The suffering that you infer comes from the "disconnect" felt by the eternal self as it moves through physical incarnation to evolvement.
     Of course it is not necessary but the young soul often does not comprehend the availability to participate at both levels.
     As for yourself, the idea of separation feels idiotic and completely unnecessary.  that is because of your more advanced soul level + experience.
     If you seek what your contribution would be to an ignorant world begin by living as an example to those still trapped or on the precipice of becoming wise.
     It is your best contribution.  There are those who will follow at best and mimic at worst, but there can be growth.
Ramblings from the Cosmos
As a result of the "Open" Deep Trance Channeling of April Crawford, we often have various new nonphysical visitors that come by from time to time.  Some come just one or two times, while others make repeat visits.
In other words, the "Open" part of the description means that the channel can and will allow many more than just one entity to speak.
Often they do not identify themselves with a name (what they often call a "label").  Most of them talk, but some of them write or type. 
So in this column, "Ramblings From The Cosmos" we will from time to time present some of the messages from these visitors.  Most are entities, but some are other forms of consciousness, perhaps individuals in-between physical lives, or some other form of intelligent self aware consciousness that is not what we would call an "entity".
Note these types of communications are NOT what some people may think of as automatic writing, nor are they poems or messages written by April. 
These beings are writing or typing these themselves.  They could, if they wanted to, for example, get up and walk around the room.  April has no idea what is being written or typed or even if anything has been written or typed at all until she first "comes back" and looks at the computer screen or paper.
inside my head
there is a an empty
reserved for me alone
retreating there
i  must admit
takes courage
it is clearly an act
of god
that i survive
the sweet embrace
of the solitude
in wonder
i step aside my fears
knowing them
for who they are
half the battle
of a busy life
is knowing
the real enemy
yes i retreat
to this empty space
to hold that which
holds me back
it gazes
at my reflection
so distinct
one ponders the universe
when all
the while the
universe is hiding
in that empty space
in you
From: Ish and members of the T Group





Quote for Today
 "There is a little bit of fear  attached to Self Discovery, which I would suggest you ignore..."
From: Reflections of a Spiritual Astronaut: Book II








April Crawford is now offering half hour telephone consultations with VERONICA (usually there is an hour minimum).
To schedule a reading with  VERONICA or to ask any general questions about readings, please contact April Crawford's facilitator, Allen, at AprilReadings@aol.com


Note: You may send your emails to VERONICA for possible use in the Dear VERONICA column by placing the words "Dear VERONICA" in the subject line and sending them to AprilMediumship@aol.com.
VERONICA will generally only answer emails that are published, however, I may respond to some directly from time to time.
      -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford.   

"Inner Whispers"
Vol. 1 Issue 16
Copyright April Crawford
"Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.
"Inner Whispers" is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.
All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft.  There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence. 
Nothing in "Inner Whispers" is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice.  Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so.  You are a physical being and nonphysical beings such as the ones that write for "Inner Whispers" are generally not even recognized as real by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are rarely if ever issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice of any sort.


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