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This is the web page version of Volume 1 Issue 46 of "Inner Whispers", the free spiritual newsletter written by non-phsical teaching entities via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.
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NOTE:  If you haven't seen the introductions to VERONICA and to April Crawford, VERONICA is one of the highly evolved nonphysical entities that speak and write via April Crawford while April is in deep trance.
April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel.  For more information about April Crawford and VERONICA,  visit April's site at:  www.AprilCrawford.com
You can see videos of VERONICA speaking by clicking on the "See The Video" navigation button on the left side of this page.
"Inner Whispers"
Open Deep Trance Channel
April Crawford

 A Message From VERONICA

Path to Personal Power
     "In the linear one often becomes intertwined in the dramas of daily life.  Those moments have potential of expanding beyond the imagination of those who create them.  Thus the feeling of overwhelming despair when one finds themselves in the midst of the storm.
     It is important to recall yourself in a singular way devoid of all the energy interaction of others.  Your own moment of consciousness may be able to override all the turmoil co-created by you + others.
     Take a breath, separate your energy, realize that this moment is an opportunity to control your environment instead of becoming victim to it.
     A co-creation is powerful but a concentrated personal thought can override the moment.  Be firm in your moment.  You are an omnipotent energy manifested in the flesh to evolve.
     This evolution is your personal path to power within your own soul.  Own it.  Do not eliminate out of hand the opportunity simply because in a linear perception all appears to be lost.
     It is not the case.
     You can change the course of energy.
     Simply stop.
     You are a powerful energy manifested in physical through the eyes of eternal energy.
     Simply stop.
     You are more powerful than you can imagine.  Your soul seeks the path of evolution.
     Simply stop and acknowledge.  The rest will manifest according to that.
     All it takes is the moment to let go of the turmoil and return to your soul's eternal.

(Editor's note: 
In the following letter VERONICA decided to write her responses to the various paragraphs under each paragraph instead of all at the end.  VERONICA's comments are in regular type below each italic paragraph.)
Hello, again everybody. I am very thankful for your weekly news-letter,(and your effort.) and I look forward to it always. I am also a fond reader of the Seth-material, I find it very impressive and giving in every way. (By the way: do you have anything to say about Seth? ...Do you know the guy?)
     Yes we know the energy and admire his ability to merge the eternal concepts in a linear manner.
 Anyway, my question tonight is this: Seth says that very few people start out in the beginning, trying to be as bad as possible. And I understand this and I believe this thoroughly. But again, I am curious....What about those few others? What about that very small group of people, who actually start out trying to be as bad as possible?  What are the mechanisms involved in this, can you say anything about it, or put it into any context?
     We would say that it is not as linear as what you state.  Energy participates for the experience with intention to do well.  It is the choices in the physical that lead most to stray from the first inclination.
 How do this experience and behaviour affect them? How do entities or souls get involved in these tracks, and where can these tracks lead?
     Experiences compound themselves often leading good intentions off track so to speak.
 Interesting question, I think, and I will appreciate any kind of answer... So, again, thank you for your time, and if its anything I should know, let me know...I wish you all good, and good luck with your projects... From Roar Mikalsen. Norway
     You're welcome!
I often ask my mother, who is deceased, for guidance. If she is in spirit form does she hear me? If she re-incarnated who hears me?
Dear Marie,
     She has not chosen to reincarnate at this time.  Her energy integrates with yours fully.  The words attached to your need of guidance are resonating within your energy.
     Do not be fearful.  She is with you in ways that cannot translate to your current moment.  Continue the dialogue, you will receive your answers.  It is her intention to do so.





Quote For Today
"The SpiritualConnection is the ultimate experience.  It enhances all others...."
From:  Reflections of a Spiritual Astronaut:  Book III









April Crawford is now offering personal half hour telephone telephone consultations with VERONICA (usually there is an hour minimum).
To schedule a reading with  VERONICA or to ask any general questions about readings, please contact April Crawford's facilitator, Allen, at AprilReadings@aol.com


Note: You may send your emails to VERONICA for possible use in the Dear VERONICA column by placing the words "Dear VERONICA" in the subject line and sending them to AprilMediumship@aol.com.
VERONICA will generally only answer emails that are published, however, I may respond to some directly from time to time.
      -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford.   

"Inner Whispers"
Vol. 1 Issue 46
Copyright April Crawford
"Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.
"Inner Whispers" is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.
All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft.  There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence. 
Nothing in "Inner Whispers" is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice.  Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so.  You are a physical being and nonphysical beings such as the ones that write for "Inner Whispers" are generally not even recognized as real by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are rarely if ever issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice of any sort.


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