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This is the web page version of Volume 1 Issue 65 of "Inner Whispers", the free spiritual newsletter written by non-phsical teaching entities via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.
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NOTE:  If you haven't seen the introductions to VERONICA and to April Crawford, VERONICA is one of the highly evolved nonphysical entities that speak and write via April Crawford while April is in deep trance.
April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel.  For more information about April Crawford and VERONICA,  visit April's site at:  www.AprilCrawford.com
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"Inner Whispers"
Open Deep Trance Channel
April Crawford
 A Message From VERONICA


Past Lives 


          "Outside of the linear there dwells an infinity of experience that plays a part in your current physical existence.   Since when our are born into most cultures you are taught and expected to consider only the current moment this can sometimes be overwhelming.

     It is, however, a fact.  You have multiple lives that make up the "novel" of your linear participation.  When  not embodied you do have recall of the information.  In body there are sometimes coincidental moments  that often give one pause.  Sometimes one can explain them away, however, often they remain an enigma to the current perspective.

     So if there are incidents that feel incomplete or out of sync with your life, it may be that it is an episode in the grander picture of  your existence.  These incidents often may make perfect sense in a full perspective of your multiple incarnating.

     Opening the mind to such a possibility  can  give clarity to the confusing moments while defining who  you are as a soul not the personality you are manifesting as in this life.

     An advanced soul will often have several thousand experiences to draw upon while engaging a lesson or plan. 

     Multiple lives are a tool  to the soul's evolution.




Dear Veronica,

What are your thoughts and suggestions on 2012?

One hears so much about it now, but really no one has suggestions how one can prepare or even if there is a preparation.

Thank you very much,


Dear Vera,

Linear measurement exist only in the linear.  While there are indeed shifts of energy occurring in your perceptions, to assign a date is somewhat inaccurate.

     We say that consciousness and the way it participates in its reality evolves, however, that does not mean that it ends.

     Proclamations of doom are perhaps a bit exaggerated.  It would be more relevant to become engaged in the shifts so that the transition is of a smoother nature.

     Evolvement consists of shedding old ways and energies.  This may appear extremely negative from the linear eye in the moment, however, once the energy settles the results will be better than expected.

     Perhaps by allowing the negative to disassemble itself while creating in your thoughts moments of connection + prosperity these allowing's will translate to the earth plane of which you inhabit.

     Perhaps it not the end but the beginning of a good moment.








Quote For Today
"I am happy.  My fear was unfounded..."

From: Raymond in "Parting Notes": A Connection with the Afterlife








Note: Dear VERONICA appears just below the Message From VERONICA column.
April Crawford is now offering half hour telephone consultations with VERONICA (usually there is an hour minimum).
To schedule a reading with  VERONICA or to ask any general questions about readings, please contact April Crawford's facilitator, Allen, at AprilReadings@aol.com





Note: You may send your emails to VERONICA for possible use in the Dear VERONICA column by placing the words "Dear VERONICA" in the subject line and sending them to AprilMediumship@aol.com.
VERONICA will generally only answer emails that are published, however, I may respond to some directly from time to time.
      -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford.   

"Inner Whispers"
Vol. 1 Issue 65
Copyright April Crawford
"Inner Whispers" and "Dear VERONICA" are trademarks.
"Inner Whispers" is offered to promote personal and spiritual growth, and to provoke thought.
All materials by any of the entities are presented in first, final and only draft.  There is no editing or censoring of even a single word or sentence. 
Nothing in "Inner Whispers" is intended as professional advice of any kind, particularly medical, legal or business advice.  Accordingly, if you make choices that normally might include consulting with a licensed professional, we suggest that you do so.  You are a physical being and nonphysical beings such as the ones that write for "Inner Whispers" are generally not even recognized as real by Federal, State, or Local Governments, and accordingly, are rarely if ever issued licenses to render professional opinions or advice of any sort.


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